‘I need to protect my autistic child from wind farms’

So much information and concern for this wind energy technology and yet…..its full steam ahead. What will it take to stop this complete madness?

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.

June 9, 2014 – Celine Naughton

The parents of autistic children have particular fears about the effects turbines and high voltage pylons may have on their quality of life.

Fears: Neil van Dokkum and his son Ian moved to Kilmacthomas, Co Waterford, in search of a peaceful environment Photo: Patrick Browne

Protest: Jenny Spittle wants to protect daughter Billie. Pic: James Flynn

Whenever Jenny Spittle’s children visit their grandad in England, 12-year-old Billie comes home tired, complaining of headaches, earache, dizziness and hearing buzzing noises. Billie has autism and her mother is convinced her symptoms are brought on by the towering pylons and wind turbines located near her grandfather’s house. Now Jenny lies awake at night worrying about plans to build a wind farm close to her home in Co Westmeath.

“I see what she’s like after a week with her grandfather and wonder how she’ll cope if we have these…

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May 14, 2009 will be a day that will surely go down in Ontario history


Wolf Island, Ontario


May 14, 2009 will be a day that will surely go down in Ontario history.  As 54 democratically elected Liberal and 5 NDP MPPs voted in favour of the Green Energy Act, a new era of government was ushered in. This huge piece of legislation entailed the opening up and restructuring of 15 existing acts including the Environmental Protection Act, the Environmental Bill of Rights act, and  the Public lands Act.  One must ask why was such a massive and important piece of regressive legislation, that would remove the democratic rights of rural citizens and necessitate the bastardization of existing acts, be pushed through in a matter of days? Our own Auditor General expressed how the Ontario people are “Over-Paying” 2.7 Billion more than the market rate of electricity….how can we sit idly by allowing them to increase our rates to the highest rates anywhere in North America?

As our democratic rights are being eroded, we are battling a three armed monster.  As result of the Green Energy Act, here in our municipalities of West Lincoln, Wainfleet and Haldimand, the massive 230 MW Niagara Region Wind Corp installation awaits approval from the Ministry of the Environment.  Many environmental and statistical issues connected to this proposal remain unanswered.  Citizens of our communities have uncovered a sound power level inconsistency that exists between the manufacturer Enercon and the NRWC application.  Both the manufacturer and 17 other E 101 industrial wind turbine installations around the world state that this model turbine has a 106 dBa sound power rating.  The NRWC has stated in their application that E 101 has a 104.8 dBa rating.  If this true sound power level were applied, it would disqualify 44 of the 77 E 101 turbines in this project. The manufacturer Enercon also has had a court ruling upheld in German court mandating them to add another 3dB to their sound level because of the “pulsed noise” or swooshing sounds as most people recognize. This has also been ignored by the MOE.

These massive 3 MW industrial wind turbines will be the closest to any densely populated community anywhere in the world.  There will be close to 10,000 people within 2 km of these IWT’s in the NRWC installation.  Bavaria and Saxony, two states in Germany, have created a 10 x height rule to protect its citizens.  This particular model wind turbine could be no closer than 2 km.  Here in our province of Ontario many will be at the absolute minimum to a home at 550 meters.

Propped up by the duplicitous NDP party, our current government has been allowed to continue with its methods of corruption and scandal. It’s baffling that so many Ontario citizens still remain supportive of both these parties. Have we become so apathetic and without scruples that our democracy is no longer a standard that other countries admire and aspire to have? We are now in a position to fight for a right that many Canadians have spilled blood and died for. Democracy is again being challenged in Ontario.




“Unite The Fight” Dinner Another Success!

Well done Mothers. Another successful event.

Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.

Lowbanks, Ontario
May 29 2014


The Mothers Against Wind Turbines hosted another successful dinner and information night in a recent series called “Unite The Fight.” It was held in Haldimand County on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie, at the Lowbanks Community Hall. Great food was served buffet style and the desert table was sinfully tempting.  New faces and the meeting of old friends and supporters as the relentless invasion of wind turbines continues in Ontario.

The night was one of discussion about wind projects and governmental process grievances.  Updates were given on various legal strategies against the unwanted wind projects. A special focus was made about the Niagara Region Wind Corporations proposal to erect 77,  3 MW turbines in a sprawling foot print, that would cover three counties which would include West Lincoln, Wainfleet and Haldimand.  The project has submitted its reports to the Ministry of the Environment for technicalDSCN2112 review and though its reports have
multiple deficiencies, its approval…

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Ill wind blows for turbines if Tories win

CLEARVIEW Twp. —The Progressive Conservative candidate for Simcoe-Grey says he’d put a stop to a company’s plans to erect wind turbines near the local airport should his party form the next government.

In a campaign stop at the Collingwood Regional Airport Friday morning, during which he slammed the existing Green Energy Act and the impact he says it has had on electricity bills, Jim Wilson promised a Progressive Conservative government would do what it could to halt WPD Canada’s plans to erect turbines near the facility should his party win the June 12 provincial election.

WPD’s proposal is to erect eight turbines in the area north of County Road 91; at least two of the proposed 500-foot-tall turbines are within an area the municipal services board that manages the airport say are a potential safety hazard to aircraft, especially in the landing or take-off phase, while another three turbines are considered on the edge of that area.

WPD’s plans are presently under technical review by the Ministry of Environment.

“We’ll do whatever it takes to stop WPD Canada from putting the wind turbines in this vicinity,” said Wilson. “It is in process, and it may end up in a lawsuit, but we just can’t allow it.”

“If you’re going to prevent death, you do everything you can to do that — you have a moral obligation to do that.”

The airport board, and several landowners in the area, have been fighting the proposal for several years; both Collingwood and Clearview Township municipal councils have also voiced their opposition.

One of those landowners, Kevin Ellwood — who has a private aerodrome on his farm on County Road 91, and is faced with the prospect of having a turbine in the path of his landing strip — has filed 39 access-to-information requests of various ministries on WPD’s proposal.

Some of those requests are now before an adjudicator to see if the information will be released.

The turbines, said Ellwood, are “dangerous and significant threats to pilots and their passengers.”

Ellwood and Wilson both point to a crash in South Dakota in April that killed four, after a Piper 32 aircraft collided with a turbine in poor weather conditions. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating, but authorities have not released any details on the crash.  Read rest of article here.

Wainfleet continues push against wind turbines

Wants province to review its renewable energy process

Port Colborne Leader

WAINFLEET — Council wants a second look.

Last week township council voted to approve a motion by Alderman Betty Konc calling on the province to review its current renewable energy process. Konc explained the motion is yet another attempt for the town to gain some traction in the continued effort to stop wind turbine development in the area.

“It’s a motion born out of frustration,” said Konc, noting under the current Green Energy Act the township cannot outright stop the construction of turbines that some have associated with health risks and declining property values.

The township did attempt to initiate a two-kilometre setback requirement for turbines, a move later quashed in court.

“They need to stop this nonsense,” said Konc of the province, adding, “we have the right to say we don’t want a Tim Hortons, we don’t want a gas plant … the whole countryside’s democratic rights have been taken away.”

In 2013 the Ministry of Environment approved construction of a nine-megawatt wind farm.  The IPC Energy project is collaboration between Loeffen Farms and Rankin construction. The township has officially declared itself an unwilling host for wind development and has repeatedly tried to stop further development.

Konc expects problems in the future, especially when the turbines reach the end of their lifecycles and have to be taken down. She fears that cost may be left up to the municipality.

“It’s going to wind up costing the taxpayers,” said Konc, whose motion was approved just one day before the province’s Environmental Review Tribunal rejected an appeal from Skydive Burnaby to halt the construction of two turbines, part of a larger five-turbine project, on Station Road just 1.5 km west of their facility. The business had cited safety concerns for parachutists and planes that could collide with the turbines or be impacted by turbulence caused by the blades. The township contributed $40,000 to Skydive Burnaby for court costs, a move that has resulted in a lawsuit from Rankin Construction.

Konc admitted the timing of her motion isn’t perfect with a provincial election underway. She explained when she first introduced the motion the writ had yet to be dropped.

“With an election facing us I don’t know if it is going to get anyone’s attention,” said Konc, adding, “but it’s our little effort to get the government to sit up and take notice.”  Read original article here.

Ontario’s Wind Problem: Accepting the Blame

Dismissing wind and solar protesters as cartoon villains is a common red herring which distracts from the real origins of Ontario’s renewable energy unrest.

BY Stu Campana
| IN Renewable Energy

Last month in Goderich, Ontario, hundreds of protestors demonstrated outside the local courthouse during injunction deliberations for the proposed K2 Wind Power Project.

Is this what we think anti-wind protestors look like?What kind of an environment-hater opposes any kind of renewable power? Are they monsters?

Dismissing wind and solar protesters as cartoon villains is a common red herring which distracts from the real origins of Ontario’s renewable energy unrest.

The truth is that this – the protests, the outrage, the declining public standing of renewable energy – is largely our own fault. We Ontario environmentalists brought this on ourselves.

Not all at once. Not even over a few months or years. But slowly, inexorably, the actions and inactions of the environmental community have brought on a now-forcible backlash.

Groups like Wind Concerns Ontario are running popular and effective resolution campaigns across the province, scooping up supporters from the crowds of people who are frightened and angry about renewables.

Meanwhile, the green energy community has been largely unable to gather its supporters into equivalent numbers. And even where blocks of wind and solar supporters have been identified, there is no single policy request around which that support can be leveraged. Every group has a different idea about where renewable energy needs to go.

Five years ago, that wasn’t the case. Read rest of article here.

The Bengtsson paper rejection – It’s models, all the way down

The coloured sections represent models predicting global climate change used by the IPCC which influence government environmental policy worldwide. The black line is what is observed real world data. Way back ,in another time, I was taught in science that when the data does not fit the hypothesis….the hypothesis is wrong. Period. Real world data proves that global warming is fraudulent.

Watts Up With That?

Steve McIntyre writes: IOP: expecting consistency between models and observations is an “error”

The publisher of Environmental Research Letters today took the bizarre position that expecting consistency between models and observations is an “error”.

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Schmalz: turbine fight is a ‘worldwide movement’

Shoreline Beacon   Friday, May 16, 2014

Burgerinitiative WindStill, Germany

A  town hall style meeting was held at Maple Hall in Port Elgin Thursday night on the subject of wind turbines.

The meeting falls shortly after the one year anniversary the Unifor turbine blades started spinning it was fourth in a series of open meetings for continued education. The turbine meeting, which was hosted by Saugeen Shores Turbine Operation Policy (S.T.O.P) brought in two speakers with new theories and histories in the fight against wind power.

Organizer Greg Schmaltz quipped “people are probably tired of hearing from him,” so he brought in some featured speakers from Toronto.

First to speak was Sherri Lange, the co-founder of Toronto Wind Action “whose claim to fame is that they beat the turbines on the Scarborough Bluffs down in Toronto,” said Schmalz.

Lange is also CEO of NAPAW (North American Platform Against Wind).

The second speaker Thursday evening was Kevin Dooley “who likes to be called an inventor and he truly is, with over one hundred US patents’ to his name,” Schamlz added. “He is a retired jet engine turbine specialist; his life’s mission is all about vibration which of course noise is a vibration.”

The S.T.O.P spokesperson said Dooley has interesting theories about how people suffering adverse effects from industrial turbines are in fact identical to motion sickness that you would experience on a boat caused by atmospheric pressure changes “which is a pretty cutting edge scientific data.”

Dooley’s presentation showcased The McMauley Hypothsis about infrasound and how it causes tempera illness. He displayed acoustic data captured from Port Elgin homes showing the rate of the blade passing the tower in a pulse spectra analysis.

“These frequencies of thumping are specific to each wind turbine”, said Dooley. Read rest of article here.